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[NET COURSE] A new net park in Savoie Mont Blanc

A four-seasons offer

To improve its "four-season tourism" offer, the resort of Les Saisies has opened the Parc des Elfes based in Hauteluce in Savoie Mont-Blanc. This theme park offers aerial activities (net, huts) and ground based activities (enigma, challenges).

The activities have been designed to be used both in summer with a clientele close to nature, looking for innovative and family activities; but also in winter for an activity different from winter sports and to reach a clientele in search of diversity. The off-season is also sought after by offering an activity with a moderate entry cost to reach a local audience.

  • Giant sea net Parc des Elfes, Les Saisies, France
  • BOA netParc des Elfes, Les Saisies, France
  • Bounce net Parc des Elfes, Les Saisies, France
  • Tree houseParc des Elfes, Les Saisies, France
  • Canopy Parc des Elfes, Les Saisies, France

Fun nets 

Net courses are Active Leisure. The paths are lived, experienced. The multiple entrances/exits are the occasion for countless routes. We go up by the main net, before going down by the toboggan, then to go up via a net chimney, etc. The possibilities are limitless !

The canopies are interspersed with 'FUN' zones with mini-seas of nets. Innovative activities have been set up such as the tubular slide which starts from then the great net sea (6m above the ground), or the chimneys net to create ever more diversity.

2 large Sea Nets, play area par excellence, have been installed in the park. They are an opportunity to rediscover your child's soul and share strong emotional moments.

Aerial net course 

The height of the course allows you to discover the forest from another point of view.
Observation platforms are a pretext for discovery and contemplation (up to 5 m high).

The large net sea (80 m²), 6 m above the ground is an opportunity to test yourself, to come face to face with the apprehension of the void.

The round sea net accessible from a path between the trees allows you to immerse yourself in the canopy. This very graphic activity brings a strong identity to the park and is a solid communication tool.

Kids rope course

2 kids rope courses have been set up to add activities on the ground.

Without equipment, theses courses are intended for children.

The games use the codes of the classic Rope Courses (ropes, rope bridge, etc.) but suitable for children.

The chosen workshops allow them to test their balance, their coordination, their temerity. Our expertise also involves the attention to detail to improve the customer experience (cables hidden under the platforms, non-binding handrail).

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