Fun courses

Fun net courses

Activity to be shared by all

To set up a family and innovative offer, we recommand the fun net courses. These aerial recreational areas allow to gather children and adults around activities whithout equipement. Between bounce nets, treehouses and platforms, the whole family can play in freedom together.

Different options

An innovative design

The net concept allows a great freedom of shape and design. For example, they can become giant mazes with several levels of intersection or tunnel path. It is also possible to color them to create sets of light within the forest.

  • Maze netWow Park, Denmark
  • Intersection netWow Park, Denmark
  • Customised path netBol d'Air, France
  • Boa netWow Park, Denmark
  • Giant bounce netLes Aillons, France
  • Wave tunnel netWow Park, Denmark

Treehouses and viewing platforms

Treehouses and/or viewing platforms are a good complementary activity in addition of Adventure net course. They can be isolated to create a dedicated activity or integrated to the net course via a network of bounce net, slides, walkways or chimney net ladders. It is also possible to create a night activity by installing set of lights.

They are beautiful points of observation and they can be equipped with a various fun and educational activities (musical instruments, sport experiences, interactive games, counts & legends ...).

  • Treehouse with customised windowWow Park, Denmark
  • Playing net with treehouseAccrorock, France
  • Chimney net ladderLes Aillons, France
  • Walking netWow Park, Denmark
  • Playground in the treehouseBol d'Air, France

Add accessories

These courses can be used for a fun activity by adding equipements such as soccer cages, balls, volleyball net, sledges...

Great for children, seminar or team building ...

  • Ball pool giant net
  • Multiple bounce netWow Park, Denmark
  • Playing ball in bounce netWow Park, Denmark
  • EventReLyonNous, France

Toboggans & slides

Add toboggans or slides to make the course even more fun and sensational!

  • SlideWow Park, Denmark
  • Steel slideWow Park, Denmark
  • Sledge courseBol d'aire, France

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