Net course

Giant nets suspended in the forest

Trampoline nets, bounce nets, or the “sea of nets,” are comprised of giant nets stretched between the trees. Linked or not to each other, they offer an innovative and very attractive play area.

The participant walks freely and without equipment above the ground.

A unique activity

These courses can be adapted to an observation activity (wildlife and wilderness discover path) as well as to a sports activity with the addition of equipment such as soccer cages, volleyball net , sledges, ...

The inherent structure of the nets allows a great deal of freedom in terms of activities. They can become giant labyrinths but also complete courses with slides, walkways, fireplaces, ...
It is also possible to color them to create sets of lights with the forest.

  • Adventure net areaPokeyland, France
  • Giant sea netElven Woods of Bol d'Air, France
  • Sea netOzornie Belkie, Russia
  • Multi-storey netOzornie Belkie, Russia
  • Giant Bounce net for familyLe château des défis - Flekenstein, France
  • Sea net and SpiderLe Bois des Lutin, Bol d'Air

The future of aerial adventure park ?

Accessible to everyone

The nets are particularly sought after by families in search of an activity accessible to everyone.

They welcome the smallest from 3 years and many accessories and a thoughtful design make them attractive to the older ones.

Less operating costs

Unlike the ropes courses, there is no need for specific equipment, safety is ensured by the net itself. This gives an unbelievable sense of freedom for the participant and a reduced management for the manager: no PPE management or maintenance costs, ....

The number of operators is also to be revised downwards compared to a traditional rope course. Main operators tasks are to welcome customers and ensure the smooth progress of activities.

Add Tree House ?

Tree houses are a good complemnetary activity in addition of adventure net course.

The tree houses can be isolated to create a supplementary activity or integrated to the net course via a networkof nets and slides.

They are beautiful points of observation and they can be equipped with a various fun and educational activities (musical instruments, experiences, interactive games, ...).

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