Treehouse & Platform

On the ground floor or perched high in the treetops, these woodland cabins awaken our inner child…

Tree Top houses

A breathtaking lookout over the forest

Perched high in the treetops, our treehouses provide a breathtaking lookout over the forest. Windows are always integrated to observe wildlife.

Accessible without equipment via footbridges or by nets, these cabins are loved by children and adults alike.

With a diameter of around 2.5m (or more depending on the size of the trees), they can be furnished with musical instruments or with play or educational panels.

  • Natural TreehouseAccroroc, France
  • Colored Treehouse with walking crossing net in YWowpark - Billund, Danemark
  • Treehouse with kids net parkAillons le jeune, France

Eco-friendly construction

We have developped our own way of building to repect the environnement.

Depending the tree species, we adapt the technicals : drilling, clamping : each technique must be careful chosen.

We consider the living tree to limit our impact on its development.

Fun Tree house

Obstacles could be implement inside the house for a suprising walk above the forest.

  • Elastics, giant and small balls, foame blocks, narrow passage : will you be adventurers ?
  • Musical instruments, play or educational panels : make your tree house instructive !
  • Or add a observation platform or customised your treehouse as per your dream, just let us know your wishes ...

Viewing platforms


Open to the outside and accessible via chimney nets for example, viewing platforms are ideal for diversifying your aerial courses.

We offer a customizable range of:

  • Different types of railings: net, log, or with natural or colored Acacia planks,
  • Different design: single, double, triple, XXL, or customized...
  • Different height: 1 level, double level.

These allow not only to gain height but also enjoy a 360 ° view of the entire park.

Note also, viewing platforms remain a more economical solution to traditional tree houses.

  • Nets and observation aerial trailKuchu Nu Mura, Japan
  • Canopy and observation platformKuchu Nu Mura, Japan
  • Giant Viewing platformKuchu Nu Mura, Japan
  • Viewing platformKuchu Nu Mura, Japan

Playground tree house


Mounted close to the ground, these cabins can add the finishing touch to a playground, a kid's rope course, a schoolyard, a public park, or even a simple private garden.

Made to measure and adapted to their tree support, they are quite simply unique.

Some achievements 

  • Tree house courseAccroroc, France
  • Tree house within a kid rope courseVanciaventure, France
  • Tree house net coursePokeyland, France
  • Tree house within a kid rope courseColmiane Forest, France
  • Fun aerial tree house
  • Tree's house including within a kid rope course

Supplementary activities 

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